It was a lazy day and with nothing planned. Then my daughter suggested we go to see a 3D Studio she’s read about and seen in the Net. I said ‘Why not?’ At that time I thought it was a waste if time looking at photos tricking our eyes into believing them as real things. However, of late I am quite accommodating on suggestions from any member of the family for outings. So off we go. And need I say it; it was worth 3 times the ticket price and my earlier apprehension was none founded.

C’mon Tie, hurry up, something black is behind you…

He-Man and She-Woman besting Apollo who take the weight of the world on his shoulder. We uprooted the Tower of Pisa. He-Man also took a ride on wild rodeo.. WOWOWOWOO

WOHOHO.. Abah got kicked by a giant Kung Fu Panda but still manage to laugh heartily. Dik Izzah manage to feed a giant fish coming off an aquarium frame. Ummi feed a sea gull while Adik tries to prevent the sea water crashing out off the picture frame.. And what’s that skinny lizard sheriff doing with a giant pistol??

The Avatar

Trying to catch the Ikran for aerial transport…kahkahkah..

An catching dinner with the colorful characters under giant umbrella mushroom  must be a dinner for a lifetime. And what can be more special than having a quiet time with Mona Lisa herself by the Canal of Venice?

What can beat a relaxing rest on the moon?

Meal For The Vampiress? Oh Nooooo

Genie..genie fly me away to Lake Wonder to catch the Blue Whale.. Wow what a catch. Heyy T-Rex. I’m not afraid of you. You’ll be my herd today. and off to King Kong’s lair..

Alice’s Wonderland

Hey What’s this? Gateway to Alice’s Wonderland? Only to get entangled with the transformers and eaten by the Lion Kong (much bigger than King!!). C’mon this is a tricky rope bridge to Cinderella’s Ball.

Great Wall Cave

The Great Wall have a secret entrance to the Genie’s Cave. WOW.. Time is ticking and the sand glass is emptying. With Gabriel’s Wings on, who can stop us from the the treasure?

Time For Surfing

Surfing Time!!! What a whale of a time. Thoroughly enjoy the tunneling waves. No anaconda is a match for He-Man especially when he has someone special to protect. And WOW.. the dolphins are so cute despite the big size. So playful. Heyy.. It’s Dolphin Time!!!

Scaling High

Heyy.. You’ve reach the top. Wait for us.. C’mon help me up this steep cliff. And HAAAA… The fying Dutchmen is here doing their aerial acrobats. Heyy.. I’m in..

The Venice Canal

Here Come Mother Christmas. Instead of reindeers as the steed, it’s local buffalos. Whatever as long as it takes us to the Canal of Venice. What a boat ride amidst the beautiful old medieval buildings. A teh tarik is as good as any for ending the day but not after scaling the tallest building in the city.

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