It was in 2015. We now have new members in the family with Kak Long and Nana having been married. Now with Nana in mid pregnancy they said we should take have a family day together. After lots of searching Nana said Gambang should be the most appropriate with the budget and a good compromise of interesting places and relatively short travel time.

We took accommodation at a home stay in the vicinity of Gambang Resort.

Lunch On Arrival

The place was D’Pondok at Kuantan with Layan Diri concept.The food was ok.

Since we arrived in the evening, a trip to the Bukit Gambang Safari Park would not be advisable. So for the first evening we visited Teluk Chempedak Beach. It was full moon and we had quite a time in the moon light.

Moon Play

The night was cool and comfortable. The moon was full. There were quite a sizeable crowd at the beach. We chose our spot and just enjoy ourselves.

The moon was a giant diamond in the sky and we had a great time pretending holding it, touching it, picking it, loving it and any act that matters.

Second Day

As always a day starts with a good breakfast. It was the famous Zaman Restaurant near the army camp and not far away from our home stay at Gambang. The famed menu was Nasi Lemak. Zaman’s Nasi Lemak have a strong taste of ginger and served hot. There is a constant flow of Nasi Lemaks coming from the kitchen, giving it a fresh taste. The restaurant have been expanded to take up 3 shop lots. There are a sizeable crowd of chinese among the guests. That is a testimony on the goodness of the food, nasi lemak not being chinese kind of food.

Sg Pandan Waterfall

Now is a cooling time at Sg Pandan Waterfall, where we went a few times while in Kuantan.


What else is there to say when words could not describe the joy of being in nature’s embrace; walking among the roots that form steps to prevent slipping, caressed by the downfall water, cuddled by the pool water and entertained by the natural orchestra of flowing water, birds song, chirping of the jungle insects and  rustling of leaves amidst caressing breeze.


Food is always a major agenda. Nothing is right without food at the centre of the occasion. What can be more fulfilling than food with Mother Nature humming her satisfied notes in the background. Watch out though; it is a height of ungratefulness to enjoy her facilities and give back litters for her kindness. Don’t suffocate her so she will always be a welcoming mother to her children.


What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in. With stomach full and heat coursing through the body, a good wade..hahaha plunge are for boys is in the air. Water is beckoning and the sun is smiling among the trees with its diluted heat.

Daddy and Ummi’s Time and Space

Now its time for daddy and Ummi. Jangan kacau-kacau tauuu.. 

Enjoying The Water

This one of the still free water ‘resort’ in Kuantan with quite clear water, nice waterfall and natural environment still not much touched by modernity. In time this is going to be a rarity. So enjoy it while you still can. At the end when we were about to go back, a mishap happened to one Arab tourist to took a slip and fell, breaking his arm (if I still remember). Our locals were quick to help, while waiting for the ambulance. Fadhil gave his kain sarong to act as bandage while the locals helped him to walk out of the place.

Gambang Safari Park

Now time for the main event of the visit – Safari Park.

Bukit Gambang Safari Park (BGSP) is the Largest Safari Park in Malaysia. It offers Africa-like Safari adventure, bring the visitors in special 4WD vehicles inside the animal kingdom, hence experiencing the animals in copy of their wild habitat.  It is an integrated resort city sprawling across 727 acres of secondary jungle with the concept of “One Location Multiple Attractions”. The Village Arena houses shows such as Tarzan Show, African Yabara Fire Show and birds show.

Walk to Safari Park

The arena houses the main attraction of gambang Safari Park; the white lion and lioness. As the stars they are housed in wide comfortable space as befit the king of the jungle. White elephant is a symbol of regalness in Thailand. White lions is much alike; a very rare species.

To get to the Safari Park Entrance we need to take a long walk up-slope with animal and birds attractions along the way. Whatever, it is still a tiring walk especially for the obese.

Safari Park – The Ride

Entrance to the animal kingdom of the Safari Park are via coaches with firmly latched glass screens to allow good views but not to open. Of course this is a safety measure. You never know what some people can do when their curiosity get the better of them. They can lose an arm trying to stroke the wild lion. So safety is paramount. The coaches are lead by the trainers in 4WD vehicle for added safety.

In door Zoo

The safari trip was great and we had to disembark back at the station. The walk down to the Village Arena for the animal show was much easier, going down the slope steps instead of up.

The King up Close

Close up to the star attraction; the white lion.

The African Yabara Fire Show

Interesting show with lots of fires and gasoline mouthing to create them. I dont know how they manage to not get burned. Not DIY stuff definitely. Trying at home is strongly prohibited. It was done outside the arena which were preparing for the Tarzan Show.

The Seal of The Occassion – The Tarzan Show

This is definitely the show to wait for. We thoroughly enjoy it. Not much photos to select. Some are snapshots from the video and none on the Tarzan persona. The term come to my mind after the show was ‘Professional‘. It was done in light spirited comedic rendition that made us laugh our heart out. The selfie episode with the chimp was so laughable. Then Tarzan appear from the trees amidst his trademark yell. There was a lot of swinging around, it was so acrobatic, like watching an acrobatic circus show. Definitely 5 STAR.

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