The King complete with all the regalias. Nothing can come close to His Majesty the King of Fruits. On itself durian is already a delicacy of heavens. And this is among the top range; the Kunyit variety. As the name suggest, it's yellow kunyit (tumeric) colour is already a mouth waterer. A small bite and... Continue Reading →

ABC – Photo Story 05

ABC ON DULANG The colourful ABC as always is a feast to the eye. From the eye down to the heart, say the elders. Ooopppss.. they forgot to mention the mouth, taste bud, throat and the stomuch before the deep sight that seep to the heart. Here, it is not just the ABC that looks... Continue Reading →


BRIMMING ECSTASY - Photo Story 04 Tea Lovers of The World, have a deep seep of this brimming ecstasy and sit back, relaxed, letting the taste fill your mouth seeping through your throat and let free your mind to roam the fringes of imagination: are you still in this world or out there on cloud... Continue Reading →

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