Aleeya Iman and Tok Bah
Ajen Ali wanna be
Nek Wa and Cucus

Time with cucus is golden. It is limited edition. So take it, enjoy it whenever you manage to. And this is the eldest cucu, the ever inquisitive type with his sister the so sweet Aleeya.

Alhamdulillah, the children somehow managed to be back in this MCO time, one family at a time to make our ‘confinement days‘ shine. This time it is daughter Noor Amanina’s turn with Aidil, Aleeya and hubby Ariff. Though we have to share their time with our in-laws, it is ok.

Nana and Ariff have to be at #Workathome and we the grands manage to take care of these two joyfuls. Even going out in the morning looking for Kelantanese Delights is a joyful escapade. Aleeya seemed always happy to be with Tok Bah. Though still struggling with speech she tried to show things she liked with single syllable sounds and expression that’s so golden.

Tok Bah managed to bring these two Cucus to his private waterfall at Rumah Kolam, under renovation to be our final pensioned home. And the joy they exhibited is a screenshot of moments to be imprinted in our Memories of Life.

Tok Bah’s Waterfall
Aidil Having a Wonderful Time

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