The King complete with all the regalias. Nothing can come close to His Majesty the King of Fruits.

On itself durian is already a delicacy of heavens. And this is among the top range; the Kunyit variety. As the name suggest, it’s yellow kunyit (tumeric) colour is already a mouth waterer. A small bite and you are in high heavens. Only the Musang King command a more majestic demeanour but then, the MK is a derivative of the Kunyit.

Then come the regalias; pulut akin to the lords, santan the ladies of the Palace and manisan aka Gula Melaka the fully armoured knights flanging the King. Can there be a more imposing presence?

And please dont make it into a dodol concoction. It just spoil the brew…. Spoil it bad. It has to be taken in morsels, each mixed for just that heavenly mouthful to be tested by all the taste buds in the mouth before the flight of Maleficent, majestic and angelic in the vast blue sky take off

And really, all the words of praise fall short of the enjoyment in having that feast of heavens on earth. It’s durian season guys. So shoot it. And please dont skimp on spending for the best durian. It’s worth every Ringgit spent. So what are you waiting for? 😍😍😍

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