3o Jul 2019, arrived home with Kak Long and Hannah from Kuala Kangsar. She’s already on leave, expecting delivery in early august.


3 Aug 2019, Kak Long delivered a baby boy at USM 4.30pm. Alhamdulillah, husband Haziq arrived last night. So it seemed that the baby was waiting for the father to be present before coming.


9 Aug 2019: Fadhil arrived early morning with wife Eira, driving all night from Sri Kembangan.

Today was a Majlis Bercukur/Belah mulut. It was also a naming ceremony, a fitting name for the new born; Muhammad Nufayl Bin Haziq Syazwan.

Nana, Izzah and the kids Aidil and Aleeya arrived 8.40pm, taking flight back.

They were welcomed with a pulut durian feast. It was a joyous occassion when family members gather together.


10 Aug 2019. Today we observed a Puasa Sunat Arafah, a most recommended sunat fasting to be together with the pilgrims at Arafah. The Arafah Day is a congregation of pilgrims at Arafah, a desert site to symbolise the rounding up of all humans and djins at Mahsyar to await Judgement.

After the subuh congregation the imam started to chant the Eid Takbir. I got out of the mosque, having the impression that the Imam was going against the national decree of fixing tomorrow as Eidul Adha 2019. Latter I was to be corrected; the sunnah of takbir for Eidul Adha starts on Arafah Day.


11 Aug 2019

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