This is where daughter Amanina aka Nana lives with family and it is here that we stayed for our Argentina visit. This is a newly developped area and I was told 1 of the 48 neighbourhood in Buenos Aires and considered safe. Well, safety seemed to be in mind as all residential were controlled by safety guards and the entry were seemingly solid and unbreakable. Even the doors seemed to be heavy, like fire rated doors. The back exit (Salida in Spanish and I’m seeing this sign everywhere) to the Waterfront; The Rio Dique.
181019n 04 Walk.jpg
181019n 06 Walk.jpg


The Waterfront used to be a major port before. Along this waterfront, there are 3 major roads crossing the waterway, each can be opened by swinging horizontally.



In between the 1st and 2nd crossing is a famous footbridge; The Puente de la Mujer or the Woman’s Bridge. It’s slender, curveous looking structure enhenced its name. The architect described the form as symbolising a couple dancing the Tango. How that is so is beyond me 😆😆😆

There are rows of eating places by sidewalk including the Havanna on the LHS. The sun, fresh air and views must be the attraction of these places apart from the menu served. The Hilton is also on this side of the waterway.
There seem to be a contrast of development between the LHS and RHS of the waterway. The RHS seemed to be of historical buildings, whereas the LHS the more modern buildings.
In the 1st dock there are rows of yatches and boats. This seemed to be their dockyard.
Along the waterway there are old cranes. I am not sure whether they ate still in operation or not.


Near to the de la Mujer bridge there is a naval museum made of old ship. We saw some people taking photos on top of the ship and thought it was open to the public. We walked up the gangplank and saw people paying to the guard. So it was ticketted. Well, too much hassle to go up since the views from there will not be better than from the sidewalk.


So we continued walking. By that time, it was getting dark already and wheather getting colder. Wearing the windbreaker was a good decision though it was relatively warm when we salida (hahahaha..) from Nana’s apartment. Then In spottted rows of jacarandas, a kind of sakura flowers. So, we crossed the 2nd crossing and walked there. In loves flowers.


Soon the azan sounded from my handphone. It was 7:13pm. We walked over to the end and crossed to the LHS of the waterway to get different view angles and started walking back. It was a bad decision. Not long after, the waterfront sidewalk was closed and we had to take a wide birth. We proceeded but not much further since it was blocked more and more. Feet feeling tired and stomuch hungry, we had to retrace back and crossed again to the RHS of the waterway. Needless to say it was near agony to be back. But the night views were good. That made up the worthness of the effort.
By the time we made it back at 8:30pm Nana was almost sick with worry in case we got lost since we lost communication as I had not yet acquired an Argentine internet access. She had already pestered Ariff to go out search for us.
Well Na, just lay out what you have on the table since we are ravenously hungry. On checking, my blood sugar level was 3.4, never before down this much. What a day.



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