After more than 2 months pensioned, I am rediscovering the joy of diarying after downloading a great diary app from Play Store; DIARO 🤗🤗🤗

Diaro app
I have stopped writing diary early this year, yes even official diary, knowing that my pension time is due on 21st Mei 2018. I used to have official and personal diary. Then of late the personal got merged into the official diary, the chore of having to write your day is burdensome. I had lost the joy of it and the writing became mechanical, just something I have to do. When the spirit die, there is no more reason to continue.

Diari Islam
I used Diari Islam for official use instead of the official diary provided because it has many features I liked. Most important it has a full page per day, so I can write in enough detail of what transpired on that day, unlike the official diary. Alas, all those diaries that I had religiously kept went to DBKL dustbins when clearing off and packing to move back to hometown in Kota Bharu Kelantan. I know I won’t have the energy to sieve through the every day jots to find what I want or even to reminisce what happened. All those years of writing are now practically turned to ashes or landfill. What is left is whatever stuck to the mind.


Last week however, and to be exact; on 6th Aug, I searched the Play Store and stumbled upon the app I am now using; Diaro, editor’s choice. I LOVE IT. I am now using the Pro version which only costed an extra RM29. A STEAL I would say. I can add photos, multiple photos each day. With PRO version it is synced to a folder in my Dropbox, so I can always recover them if I lose my hand phone. Hence, the practicality of a Diary App that can be shared across platforms and hardwares with tagging and search facilities.


During this pension time, I started thinking, what did I do on such and such a date. My calendar entries are insufficient. That is when I started to miss my diaries. Keeping a diary was considered a good habit. This is an English trait and taught in English medium schools as a cultured man’s habit. If my memory is still dependable, I started writing diary when I was still in primary school. But dont ask me where those diaries are now. Keeping a diary is an extension of the writing autographs which were very fashionable those days.

When I was admitted to the Malay College, I felt very small and so ‘darat’ (uncultured) when reading writings by Collegians with such high English literary renditions. Writings by Rehman Rashid, Raja Ahmad Aminullah and the likes that graced the Keris Kangsar and College magazine were just out of this world and barely understandable to me then. I just could not understand where they learn to write like that. My English comparatively was like rotten wood compared to polished mahagony. I then wrote more regularly to improve and diary became the medium.

My English really picked up after I started reading novels in the United Kingdoms where I did my A-level and Civil Engineering Course. My favorite authors was James Clavell, Trevanian and Alistair McLean. Then only I came to understand the nuances, flair in narration and story telling art in the language.


I was introduced to Blogging by my friend and senior, Ir Adib Noh. He said, why dont you blog instead of just writing for yourself. This way you can share your thoughts and others can appreciate and give feedbacks. The word blogging then to denote writing sounded rather odd. After sometimes I did as advised. Blogging or writing is just a wider angle view to writing diaries which is more microscopic, writing about day to day events and thoughts of the day. Blogspot became the natural choice, being most popular at the time. My first Blog was As I was Passing (actually the title was copied from Adibah Amin’s NST weekly if I was not mistaken), to denote my thoughts on certain practices of the society at the time. So Blogging became an added medium apart from writing diaries.

Soon I got tired of blogging at Blogspot when my posts were attacked, blaspheme and guttered by certain people who just cannot accept diversity of thoughts and feel posting cow dungs and gutter stuffs in the comment section were rights exercised. I was sick and tired of such mentality. And now dung-bombing became a culture of sort in media social posts of certain people. These are the very negative aspects of the open sky facilitated by the internet.


Mr Adib then introduced me to Text-America, a photo blogging community where you posted something based on the photos uploaded. Selected photos were highlighted weekly by the admins. I have one selected. I really love this Photo Blogging community at Text America. The community were so mature. The comments were mostly positive and with cultured tone, unlike those rude, gutter language that bombed me at Blogspot. I engaged with people from all over the world and it felt great. The only common ground was the photos and the message. But all good things came to and end. Text America closed down and I still could not find any that hold the same feel. We were given a month to migrate to Typepad or Flickr. I dont like Flickr. So I migrated to Typepad. It was not the same. The photos and message got separated and lost the essence.


I then learned about Facebook and this became my next writing and social platform. I also learned how to create a blog in Facebook, which I do. However these could not come close to the experience at Text America. The Malays say, No Rattan Root Also Can….


Lately I am using WordPress, as in this posting. WordPress gave me the same flexibility to lay-out my writings and photos, videos. I like it. However, the community feel is not there. I feel lonely here. Rarely visitor add comment to my writing. I use Facebook to share my WordPress post, and comments appear mostly in the facebook sharing post.


My diary app now become a place where I jot down the happenings of the day, my thoughts with some photos. I LOVE it. It became a sort of reference, or library for information of my experiences and it help a lot in my blogging. So for now, I will insya Allah be DIARYING with my Diaro regularly.

….Updated 20th Sept 2018;

Since using Diaro, I have not miss a single day from jotting down what transpired in the day and whatever comes to mind concerning the day experience. 👍👍👍


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  1. Congratulations…I love your style and your flair of writings. Im not good at writings but I love ‘membebel’…so that’s I become a storyteller instead…
    All the best to you in your future undertakings….


    1. TQ Kak Sham. You are an inspiration. You bebel, I write. Yess..we do what comes more naturally to us. All the best in your storytelling.


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