4th November 2017. Went for Aamir Khan’s latest movie; Secret Superstar at Suria KLCC with my life companion.

What can I say? This is easily Aamir Khan’s best and can be watched over and over again. It has everything a good movie should have; powerful characters, great story-line, lessons, good music and great character interactions.


It is not just the story of Insu, the Secret Superstar who withstood her overbearing father and persisted in her dream of becoming a singing superstar. It is also the story of;

  1. Najma, Insu’s mother who was the real strength behind the family. This mother with beautiful smile and caring face had withstood her husbands violence and silently bear all the hardships in helping through her daughter’s ambition without her knowing it. She had also steadfastly hold on to her pregnancy and delivered Insu despite her husband who had wanted a son’s wish. She had silently withstood domestic violence in bringing up her children with love and care.

  2. Secret_Superstar_ChintanA story of a most unlikely character hero, Chintan. Chintan had loved Insu and helped her in homework and study notes while she was engulfed in her obsession of writing songs, singing and uploading to YouTube. He had played a dumb, withstanding Insu’s temper from time to time and never have a grudge or sour face to show. He had also helped her to contact Shakti Kumaarr (Aamir Khan) and covering up for her absence from school.
  3. A story of Shakti Kumaarr, a flamboyant, rude music director and a once successful singer who was a well known character in India’s music industry. Despite his external playboy demeanour, he is at heart a caring person who helped Insu meet the lawyer that represented his wife against him and won, to help get divorce for her mother without her mother knowing it.

  4. Secret_Superstar_GudduIt is about Insu’s younger brother, Guddu who was the darling of his father and center of his caring and attention whenever he came back from work. Guddu had silently understood his sister’s anger and frustration on his father’s command to dispose off her laptop after hearing how Najma had sold off her jewelry to get money to buy the laptop and pay for internet fees. In fury Insu had thrown the laptop from the top of her balcony window to a broken mess on the street. He silently tried to patch up the laptop using tapes and glues taken from his sister’s school bag. Insu only knew of it after not finding her school things in her bag and in anger suspected her brother of stealing it. Only when she stormed her brother’s room and saw his effort to mend her laptop did she understood her brother’s love and cried.
  5. Secret_Superstar_Farouk the FatherIt is a story of a love to hate father, Farouk who was the Lion King of the house. He was, alas an engineer (bad name to engineering profession). He works outstation and came back once a while. He had his set of laws in the house that he obsessively enforced and his wife faced the full brunt of it, with swollen face and body to show of such enforcement. Only at the end of the movie did his wife have enough courage to stand against him at the airport when he had taken it too far, and in defence of Insu.
  6. In a small part it is also a story of the grandmother who just watch what is happening in the family around her. At times she but in, the way grand mothers do. Only at one occassion did her character really strand up when she had told Insu to apologise to her mother after having a tantrum, citing a family secret story of how her mother had withstood the demand to abortion and even run away from home to defend her daughter.

This is a movie to watch. Seeing the name, Aamir Khan is enough to know that the movie is unlike any other movie of the Bollywood genre. Love as always is the key theme in Bollywood film industry but in this case the love thread is in different form.

I saw the mini cinema packed with mostly north indians who came with families. In the end when Najma had stood to his husband in defence of Insu, the crowd clapped, a rare phenomena of local movie industry. Along my row there is an unlikely audience, a Mat Salleh and he kept having to get up to allow others access to their seats.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get a ticket before it is too late.



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