2 OCT 2016

My daughters and son love cats. Me too. Well at least there was a period in my life when I loved them. Not that I dont any more. It is now more selective and conditional. Well, they asked me to visit this unique place called Good Meowing Cafe at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

The cafe portrays a new concept of cat cafe. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday only from
9am to 10.30pm. You need to pay a small sum before entering the cafe. While having some food you can enjoy the views of these cute creatures.

Fadhil, Eti, Adik and Ummi enters the caged area which are ticketed to cuddle and stroke them. What is not evident is that, the act of stroking and loving them reciprocated to your own selves.

The owner shows how it is done. The thing about this cafe is that the trainers are very well versed in cats care and ever willing to share the knowledge when asked.

It’s cuddling time

The family really had a really good time with the cats of various breed and sizes. To me the smell of the sanitisers was rather off-putting, something akin to the smell of hospital wards.

The last cuddle…

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